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Megan Hills, cartoon catMy cartoon thing is about sharing my doodles, simple illustrations, comics (call them what you will) in the hope that it lifts hearts, raises smiles and hopefully – in those golden moments – wets underpants.

I'm Megan Hills.  Self-taught scribbler and doodler.  

I've spent much of my adult life wandering about in different careers: barista (and I don't even drink coffee), art gallery manager, voice-over 'talent' (yes, they call us that…God knows why), hospital IT phone support (that was scary – for everyone), library assistant, advertising sales hustler, art museum security officer in Italy ('Non toccare!' means 'Don't touch!', but try telling an Italian male that), graphic designer, magazine production editor, marketing officer for a funky craft and design NGO, bookshop assistant, and more.  I'm 167 years old.