Ducks in flood cartoon

  The Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Many communities have been devastated, families have lost everything.  Donate here to the Queensland (Australia) Flood Relief Appeal    Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders if torrential rain and flooding is a concern to the duck community. Why […]

Surprised owl

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who is aware that some people have an obsession with owls. Megan is not one of these people, but she does find owls funny-lookin'. Find out more about Megan

Bees cartoon

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who is hoping you understand the importance of bees to our environment…otherwise this cartoon is kinda cute at best. Find out more about Megan. 

Rabbit in the headlights

  I guess it's the driver's turn to look like a rabbit in the headlights…   Megan Hills is a cartoonist who believes that rabbits are much more talented than people give them credit for. Find out more about Megan. 

Chicken yoga

  Chickens lead stressful lives too, you know.   Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders whether this series of animals and greater spiritual awareness is leading somewhere…. She hopes so. Find out more about Megan. 

Cat meditations #1

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders what her cat's mantra is. Find out more about Megan. 

First cab off the rank

  Paying homage to the great Garry Larson (The Far Side). Megan Hills is a cartoonist' who has a collection of Larson and Leunig books (and one by Hugh McLeod) by her toilet for dedicated reading time. Find out more about Megan. 

A cat has needs

Megan Hills never wanted to be 'yet another cat cartoonist'. It's just something that seems to be happening on its own. Find out more about Megan. 

What a cat sees

  I have a cat. Or rather, the cat has me – and our home. All our furniture look like varying interpretations of mohair. Except, of course, the scratching post.   Megan Hills is a cartoonist who is – at times – willing to embrace French anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon's concept of 'property is theft', as a way […]

Safety shark

  My partner Jeff goes surfing at least once a week.  This cartoon reflects how we both like to think about sharks…