Santa’s naughty or nice list

Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders what Santa gave little Sigmund Freud for Christmas. Find out more about Megan.

The Easter Bunny at Christmas

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who thinks the Easter Bunny had it coming. Find out more about Megan.

Christmas ‘Reindeer Whisperer’ cartoon

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders whether Santa knows when he has been good or bad. Find out more about Megan.

Santa as a celebrity

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders whether a cool Santa Claus makes a cold Christmas. Find out more about Megan.

Peace dove, Peace chicken

This one was inspired by Jeff's comment for the 'Twitter meets the peace dove' cartoon.  Thanks, Jeff. Peace to all creatures large, small and kinda funky.

Twitter meets the peace dove

Let there be a silent night…and other silent non-Tweeting times…during this Christmas season. See more info on Twitter on My Marketing Thing.

Christmas cartoon: next year’s peace doves

  Here's another call to be yourself this Christmas.  May your holiday season have feathers.

Christmas rebrand brainstorm

  Don't go changin' to try and please me…or anyone else for that matter.  Be yourself this Christmas.   That's a big ask for some of us who are looking to 'rebrand' for the sake of harmony.  But it's worth a shot.  And I'll be with you in spirit, pushing those virtual pompoms. 'Big holiday […]

Santa’s Workshop

  Christmas.  It's easy to forget what's important, isn't it?  Even Santa has his moments.   So what is important at Christmas?   Hell, I'm not going to tell you.  I have enough trouble figuring it out myself….   Good luck anyhow – and good tidings.