It’s a monk’s life

  Small words, big life. Megan Hills-san is a cartoonist who has meditated on occasion. Find out more about Megan. 

Real reality

This cartoon came out of my imagination this morning (the subconscious is that other reality).   Still wondering what it's 'really' saying. While I often like to escape reality altogether into my imagination…and the imaginations of others….perhaps this cartoon says 'real reality' isn't so bad.  It could even be called 'our purple patch'.  What do you think?

Souls at different ages

  I saw the movie 'Cold Souls' recently, which had an extraordinarily creative interpretation on how our souls might look.  The main character's soul looked like a chickpea.  This was quite disappointing for the guy.   Other people's souls were likely to be more substantial than that (we hope). The cartoon above gestures towards the […]