Bird greetings with trumpet

Imagine a man a playing his trumpet in a wardrobe full of clothes. That's my Dad, trying to save his passion and his marriage at the same time.  Mum likes the trumpet, but she'd rather hear it from Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis or Dizzy Gillespie than my father's pursed lips. My parents still have their […]

Jazz hands cartoon

I tried 'jazz nostrils', but it didn't work.   Megan Hills is a cartoonist who understands that jazz is about the space between the notes…and the wiggling fingers.  Find out more about Megan. 

Triangle Idol

Okay, this is a sneak preview of where the 'Idol' television series is heading. It'll be hard to judge the best time to get that TV snack or go to the loo, because you won't want to miss a ding.