Weather forecast cartoon

Megan Hills is a cartoonist who is fond of no pressure systems. Find out more about Megan If you don't already… Smile, chuckle or even have a chortle at the FREE cartoons delivered to your inbox. Just pop your email address in the website pop-up box

Ducks in flood cartoon

  The Queensland Government has launched an appeal to help fellow Queenslanders affected by the recent floods. Many communities have been devastated, families have lost everything.  Donate here to the Queensland (Australia) Flood Relief Appeal    Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wonders if torrential rain and flooding is a concern to the duck community. Why […]

Cyclone Doris

I figure I'm allowed to make fun of natural disasters considering I'm living in Brisbane (Australia)…where this week Mother Nature decided we simply do not have enough swimming pools and took proactive steps to rectify things. Megan Hills is a cartoonist who wishes more cyclones could be like Doris. Find out more about Megan.

Warren in windy weather cartoon

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who tires of windy weather within the duration of approximately twenty minutes. She then begins to howl. Find out more about Megan.

Isolated showers

It's often like this for me at networking functions. I show up alone and everyone is talking to people they already know. This makes me feel isolated…and soggy. Megan Hills is a cartoonist who likes pina colada and getting caught in the rain… Find out more about Megan.