Airport controller cartoon

Megan Hills is a cartoonist who has been perpetually mixed up when it comes to finding the right job match.  Find out more about Megan If you don't already… Sign up for F*R*E*E cartoon chuckles in your inbox.

Leaf blower cartoon

  Megan Hills is a cartoonist who would like to invent a noise-muffler adapter that could be applied to any garden maintenance gizmo. Find out more about Megan

Treasurer after recession announcement

Harold makes a breakthrough

Confession:  I'm not at Harold's level.  I still can't say the word 'widget' with a straight face. What's the definition of a widget? A widget could be a manufactured product.  For the web-folk, it's a portable chunk of code that often gives the web user a handy on-screen tool. I like that a widget could […]