My Cartoon Thing is about sharing my cartoons

(I’m Megan Hills, pleased to meet you) in the hope that it lifts hearts, raises smiles and hopefully – in those golden moments – wets underpants.

megan while drawing

How to enjoy the cartoons

I like to spread the smiles in a few different ways. Cartoon lovers can:

Who is Megan Hills

I’m a self-taught cartoonist and illustrator, based in the small city of Newcastle (a couple of hours north of Sydney), in Australia. I live with my acupuncturist partner, Jeff Shearer and our ginger ninja cat: Lewis.

My life has been pretty random

Which is the perfect research strategy for a cartoonist. The jobs have been many and varied: library assistant, barista (and I don’t even drink coffee), art gallery manager, voice-over ‘talent’ (yes, they call us that…God knows why), hospital IT phone support (that was scary – for everyone), advertising sales hustler, art museum security officer in Italy (‘Non toccare!’ means ‘Don’t touch!’, but try telling an Italian male that), graphic designer, magazine production editor, marketing officer for a funky craft and design NGO, bookshop assistant, and more. I’m 167 years old.

I began cartooning in 2003 while living in a forest

The cartoons happened for two reasons:
1. To make myself laugh (the bush turkeys could only do so much in this regard)
2. To create something quickly and imperfectly, then put it out into the world for all to see (eek!)

Why these two things?

I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) at the time. My partner, Jeff was often absent, working in a city 1.5 hours away. Health practitioners told me that my main problem was my perfectionist mindset. And that – while feeling perpetually trapped under an invisible piano – I really should laugh more. So was born. As was That was another of my problems (I have many). I was addicted to creating things. I still am.

What else?

Together with Jeff, I now also help natural therapists with the enterprise side of clinical practice, via: In a similar way, Megan has also worked with creative souls (artists, designers, Aboriginal cultural entrepreneurs, etc.) through my biz:

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