The 7 dwarfs who didn’t make the final cut

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The 7 dwarfs who didn't make the cut

Of course, this cartoon is based on the seven dwarfs from the story of Snow White (by The Brothers Grim, published waaaaay back in 1812).  

Apparently these guys were originally unnamed.  But in 1937 Disney decided to Christen them in order to create the first ever feature-length cartoon.   

My cartoon (above) was inspired by another 7 Dwarfs cartoon going around called 'The 7 Dwarfs of Menopause' (concept by, I believe, Suzanne Somers and a popular version drawn by Dan Collins).

The concept behind '7 Dwarfs who didn't make the cut' was created my partner, Jeff Shearer, and his brilliant friend Sally Cox.  Jeff and Sally are certainly not 'height-challenged' when it comes to comedic prowess.  I bow to their natural talent for chuckles.


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