Want to use a cartoon from My Cartoon Thing? Fabulous!

For permission to reprint Hills/My Cartoon Thing cartoons, please contact Megan Hills at My Cartoon Thing.

We're still in the midst of setting up a user-friendly online store. Apologies!


Free cartoons for non-profit blogs/websites:

Whoohoo!!!  You can share the low resolution cartoons on your non-profit blog or website. Just right click on the cartoon and select ‘save as’ and please…

  • include a link to www.mycartoonthing.com
  • do not edit or translate the cartoon.
  • do not post more than one cartoon per month.
  • use a copy of the cartoon file that is stored on your own server space (i.e. no hotlinking).

Permission is only granted on the proviso that the cartoons are not changed in any way – not cropped, stretched or squashed; nothing is added to or deleated from the words; the characters are not transformed or multiplied or expunged, the circumstances depicted are not manipulated, etc. Copyright for the cartoons will always remain with Megan Hills.

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