Souls at different ages

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Old soul, new soul, middle-aged soul


I saw the movie 'Cold Souls' recently, which had an extraordinarily creative interpretation on how our souls might look.  The main character's soul looked like a chickpea.  This was quite disappointing for the guy.   Other people's souls were likely to be more substantial than that (we hope).

The cartoon above gestures towards the more mainstream idea of 'new souls' and 'old souls'.  Of course, everyone wants to hear that they are an old soul.  But surely we can't ALL be old souls??  

Let's make the idea of being a 'new soul' or even a 'middle-aged soul' more attractive, shall we?  

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  • Jeff

    I find the idea of a chickpea soul quite appealing. After all its not like all our souls are going to compete at the olympics for the GLORY of gold. At least you can travel light and it doesn't cost too much in postage 🙂

  • les

    a healthy soul.
    The humble chick pea is one of the best food sources you can get.

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